HW 2 on RSA: Due 9/11

Homework problems:

We won’t collect these:

  • (don’t turn-in):  [DPV] Problem 1.20 (find inverses for 4 examples).
  • (don’t turn-in): [DPV] Problem 1.22 (prove or disprove about inverse).

Turn-in solutions for these 4 problems (template is here (.pdf)):

  1. [DPV] Problem 1.12 (compute 2^{2^{2006}} mod 3).  Show your work, you can do it in one line.
  2. [DPV] Problem 1.25 (compute 2^{125} mod 127). Again, show your work, you can do it in one line.
  3. [DPV] Problem 1.28 (RSA example for p=7, q=11).
  4. [DPV] Problem 1.42 (RSA using just p).

Challenge problem (for fun, don’t turn-in): [DPV] Problem 1.44 (cracking RSA when same message used e times).

Turn-in via Gradescope by Monday, September 11th at 1pm EST.

The homework template (.pdf and .tex) is available here.